Wireless Mouse Logitech M325 Driver & Software Download. Download Software Setup for Windows and Mac to customize mouse settings.

The mouse is small, but not small, its size is 9.5×5.5×3.5cm, and the total weight of its collector is 87 grams. It is controlled by a separate “AA” battery, which has been in use for the last year and a half. The receiver is only 1.8 cm long, of which 1.2 cm enters the USB port, so only 0.6 cm protrudes. So that it can run on Windows 7 and Windows 10 PC at the same time, and in both cases can run immediately.

The top of the mouse is silver, the sides are dark, the bottom is dull, the sides are shiny dark, separate from the rubberized area, you can grab it and move it in the work area, this is for people soaked in sweat It is an incredible hand.

Overall, ease of use is similar to similar products you might find on a multi-function mouse, but whether you need stripes that can be used on marble, glass, or marble surfaces, you should keep in mind the limitations of the sensor carpet.

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Wireless Mouse Logitech M325 Driver & Software Download

This is a three-clawed mouse, the left and right fixed points are suitable for you, within 4 cm from the front. In addition, a parchment wheel is installed between the two locks. It can be easily used no matter you pass 2 cm from the front.

The front of the data card said: “After a long period of precise observation and comfortable operation, you can undoubtedly use it instead of a PC touchpad for more precise development. Obviously it needs a solid installation area.

Logitech M325 driver has a three-year warranty. Some parts at the bottom of the mouse are pushed away to find the beneficiaries. The “AA” battery provided at the end comes with slender paper, and you should evacuate to form the necessary circuit.

The base also has an on / off slider, so if it is long If the battery is not used, the battery will not burn out. To use the Logitech M325c wireless optical mouse with a PC, simply add the Nano collector to the USB port and turn on the mouse. The mouse is remotely connected using 2.4GHz and is being tested Medium, slack does not exist for all intents and purposes.

There are 1,000 spots per inch (dpi) target, the influence of this mouse is consistent with other long-distance consumption mice, and most surfaces are treated consistently during testing. The taste of the parchment wheel is too delicate, making it easy to look up or down unintentionally.

Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse Specs and Features

The most outstanding element of M325c is its excellent alternative. My audit department is configured with blue, green, red and yellow explosive owl structures, and there are eight additional structures to look at, including the cool blue V-shaped herringbone, the bright example of the sunrise, and this is just Start.

logitech m325 gaming mouse review, specs and features

They are all very beautiful, and get a much-needed delay from a tired mono mouse (you see everything that is considered a workstation). Fortunately, there are many small and light decisions.

One of them is Logitech ’s new remote control, which can use both hands M325, in addition to its traditional Logitech trademark (for example, ergonomic comfort, smaller ratio gear scroll gear has a longer battery life), it Various interesting and sweet structures are also provided.

In terms of comfort, the M325’s feel is very likely to be as small as the palm that can use two hands / balance model (less than 10 cm). The curved elastic sides give your thumb a good grip on one side, while the ring finger and little finger on the other side. Shape your hands into a comfortable, molded shape and the delicate elasticity of the linear top on the planet.

According to the purpose of how you use the Internet, we provide the latest minimum-scale accurate viewing function to make it easier for you to browse Facebook, shop on the Internet or browse through Google. In addition, the tilt steering wheel can move backwards or forwards on the Web. Given the impact shape on the planet, the molded shape with the finished elasticity keeps your hand pleasing-obvious after a long time.

The battery has a long service life for various purposes and purposes, which eliminates the ever-evolving battery problem. The keen rest mode can save power, and the indicator light can eliminate vibration. You put the small Logitech Unifying collector into Notepad and then leave it here.

You can even include more gadgets. annex. Don’t care. Add to it. From riding the web to accurately clicking, pointing and dragging through Facebook, everything you do on your PC is just a thank you for the innovation we continue to promote. In addition, you don’t need to disturb the mouse pad.

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The easy-to-open battery on the M325 base board can use a single AA battery. This means that once the soluble battery provided is exhausted, it will be effortlessly replaced with a medium-life battery power supply Either way, this mouse will not have a great impact on nature, because Logitech claims that the single battery can last up to one and a half years. Your mouse can be used on Windows, Mac, Chrome OS and Linux. No matter which PC you own today or buy tomorrow, you can rely on the mouse to achieve the expected work.

Logitech M325 Software & Drivers Supported OS

Logitech M325 driver and software setup download that supports almost every latest OS. This software and drivers are fully compatible with the following OS versions.

  • Windows 10 (64 bit & 32 bit)
  • Windows 8.1 (64 bit & 32 bit)
  • Windows 7 (64 bit & 32 bit)
  • MacOS (10.11 and newer versions)

Download Logitech M325 Driver & Software for Windows and Mac

This is a free of cost and certified clean download and installation setup for your machine. Download, install and take the maximum advantages from M325 with it.

Logitech M325 Software for Windows & Mac

Logitech M325 Driver  (Windows)Software Version: 2019.11.29288Download
Logitech M325 Software(Windows)Software Version: 9.02.65Download
Logitech M325 Driver  (Mac)Software Version: 2019.11.29288Download

Additionally, also download Logitech G Hub and Logitech Gaming Software for the personalizations and customizations.

Share your gaming experience with this amazing high powered Logitech M325 Gaming Mouse and also feel free to comment below if you face any issue during the installation of Logitech M325 driver and software.