Logitech G703 Wireless gaming mouse is another powerful gaming mouse introduced to the gamers. It has an exceptional gaming performance that makes it one of the favorite not just among the gamers while for all the computer users for it’s high end features and ease of control.

G703 is one of the top of the line wireless gaming launched by the Logitech powered with POWERPLAY for boosting performance. It is very responsive and it’s response time is really quick which is only 1 ms. When it comes to the accuracy and pointer precision, G703 is the one that leads. It gives maximum accuracy and precision for the faster and effective work easily.

Specs of Logitech G703 Gaming Mouse

  • The G703 is a wireless gaming mouse that offers flexibility of connectivity and gives wire free gameplay for more pleasure and fun.
  • Packed with really smooth buttons that can be personalized to any task as per your preferences.
  • G703’s outer is built with an elegantly designed plastic layers for smoother surface and both sides are covered with a very soft rubber that offer a full grip over the mouse and let you control it effectively.
  • It is featured with POWERPLAY technology for a faster and easier charging without a cable through the wireless charging system. It means no need to put the charger cables in or to wait for the charging, you can play instantly while it’s charging.
  • Logitech G703 is very responsive for efficient gameplay which is just 1 ms.
  • It’s packed with a long lasting battery that keep it alive over the 24 hours with the RGB lights on but if you choose to turn off the RGB lights then it can even go beyond that and extend the life for few extra hours.
  • Weight is very ideal, not too light or too heavy. Very ideal for the movement and can work on every surface.

Logitech G703 Gaming Mouse Software

In order to work with it for all the exciting features, user needs to download and install Logitech G703 software and drivers. So to make it easier for you Logitech Driver Solution have shared logitech g703 software free to download from the below download section. This download is totally clean and offered by the logitech official support website.

Logitech G703 software setup gives the plenty of options to customize the mouse in your own way as per your taste. User can change the button to any operation they like to perform, change the RGB colors and even can modify the mouse sensitivity and other performance features as well.

G703 is a cordless mouse especially designed for the gaming needs. Designed to give an elegant and classy look for the right hand use. Mouse surface is a covered with a very smooth material of plastic and rubbers on the both sides for soft touch and easier griping over it.

It’s classy design with the combination of super powerful features makes it one of the best gaming mouse you can experience playing with. With the powers integrated in G703, it doesn’t get light or heavy in weight. It’s mid range weight makes it work on all type of surfaces.

It is a wireless mouse, in this advanced technology is used which name is ultra-fast lightspeed and Logitech G706 is designed for comfortable use. It is a charging product and can be charged through charger during using it.

Logitech G703 is furnished with advanced PMW3366 optical sensor without any type of smoothing, acceleration acess or filtering entire DPI range (200-12 and DPI). It provides you the best tracking feature and very fast speed.

This product is weightless and gorgeous design that is very good for use and its amazing design earned great reputation from its users and beat quality is used in this gadget. At the top level of the mouse two buttons are placed that are used to do input as a left click and right click and these buttons are made from rubber grips. G703 is manufactured with mold design that takes your hands comfort and brings you confident when you are using this device for a long time.

Logitech G703 has one more button between the left hand click and right hand click which is called as mechanical button. Metal springs are used in it that is used to help you primed to click when you are pushing the left or right click button. This button keeps separate left and right click therefore you feels comfort and easy while using right and left click button.

The item provides you the customizable performance and it is programmed and full energy LIGHTSYNC RGB technology. It also have 6 programmable clicks, its weight is removable and it has its own memory and more. The beautiful and attractive style of G703 is almost followed by Logitech G HUB.

Logitech G703 Wireless Mouse Compatible OS

Logitech G703 software setup and drivers are compatible to all the latest OS. These software and drivers are fully compatible and offer frequent updates with the following operating system version.

  • Windows 10 (64 bit & 32 bit)
  • Windows 8.1 (64 bit & 32 bit)
  • Windows 7 (64 bit & 32 bit)
  • MacOS (10.11 and newer versions)

Logitech G703 Software, Driver Downloads

These are certified free of cost software and drivers to download on your machine by the Logitech. Download, install and take the maximum advantages from G703 with it.

For bringing it in use, you need to install the software that are compulsory for using it. Without the installation the mouse will not run and one another thing a USB driver that is need to plugin, without plugin your mouse will never connect to your laptop, computer and other gadgets.

Logitech G703 Firmware Update for Windows & MacOS


Logitech Connection Utility


Additionally, also download Logitech G Hub and Logitech Gaming Software for the personalizations and customizations.

How to Update Logitech G703 Software?

Most of the softwares need to be updated with the frequent new updates time to time. So, how to update your Logitech G703 software? Here’s step by step guide to update it.

  • Go to the Logi support website and navigate to the downloads section.
  • In this section, select your G703 wireless gaming mouse device and download it’s software. Make sure to download the latest version than yours current version if available.
  • Once it’s downloaded, install it and it will override the current version to the updated version of Logitech G703 software.
  • The amazing features of Logitech G703 such as wireless mouse, comfort to use, mechanical button etc. are always present to provides happiness and a lot of fun for its users. This product proved itself one of the best mouse and especially for game lover and those who spent most of their time at computer and uses the mouse.
  • That’s all..! You have successfully moved to the latest version of the software.

Logitech G703 Gaming Mouse Buying Guide

If you take this product and open it then these things will be available in the box, G703 gaming mouse with auto driver, data cable or charging, copy of instructions and one 2 years limited warranty card.

If anyone wants to get this product then there are two options are available for him. 1st is online and 2nd is offline, I think I should prefer online. The reason is that this product is some expensive therefore I think it would be present at counted store. Pakistani people related to poor nation, it is impossible for them to buy a expensive but some people related to rich families, for them it is no difficult to buy G703. For online shipping you should visit different stores and especially visit Logitech official web site.

The price of Logitech G703 in Pakistani marketing is Rs.14900 and its price in dollars is $100. For those people who can afford it, I again prefer then they should bought this product.

If you face any problem during the installation, feel free to drop your query below in the comments section.