Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse Logitech G402 Software and Drivers Download Software Setup for Windows and MacOS for an unbeatable and efficient gameplay.

Logitech has a long and advantageous history in the gaming mouse market, and its latest model is expected to continue to follow this route. Although it may exclude every possible component, it contains a fast, high-impact laser sensor, a 32-piece ARM processor and a large number of programmable catchers, so it has all the displays you need. Although the G402 does not seem to be in use, there is no doubt about it.

The matte finish feels extraordinary under your hands and fingers, and the shape is close to perfect. At present, there is no doubt that there has been a certain degree of personal inclination regarding the ergonomics of the mouse, but for this analyst, G402 can completely do this. When in a gradually relaxed position, the elongated curved small top area provides comfortable support for the hand, while the scalloped, rubberized side provides a truly firm grip when moving the mouse with the thumb and little finger.

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Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse Logitech G402 Software Download

To squeeze out all the amazing and exciting features, you need to download and install Logitech G402 software and drivers. If it asks for the drivers, you don’t need to worry, Logitech Gaming Softwares take care of all and provide the device compatible and clean drivers and software. You can simply download the Logitech g402 software and drivers from the below download section free of cost.

The flared part under the thumb grip does cause the thumb to slide off. Interestingly, the true horizontal side of the Steel Series Sensei can almost point the thumb at the mouse to make it sneak. Further changes include a chamfered edge around the bottom of the mouse, which helps ensure that the mouse does not get caught in the mouse tangles-specifically. it is a deterrent when quickly lifting and moving the mouse in FPS games.

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse Review Specs and Features

Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse Logitech G402 Review, Specs and Features

The highlight of this mouse is its sensor speed of 500 inches per second (ips). IPS is usually the highest speed when the optical or laser sensor exits. You can choose to reliably tell the client how to move the mouse, usually about 100-150ips. It is possible that the work done by Logitech with G402 is to integrate the laser sensor with Accelerometer and spinner.

This allows the installed processor to fill the space with the mouse as a target, although everything is reported to be reasonably precise development. This is similar to the criteria used by some satellite navigations to report gradually accurate areas. Logitech claims that this innovation allows the G402 to maintain accurate speeds at speeds in excess of 500 ips.

Driving each of these additional calculations is another function, including 32 ARM processors. Exactly what processor this is inconclusive. So fast, the sensor’s evaluation speed is as high as 4,000 dpi, and the mouse can report at intervals as low as 1ms. There are no figures for the class, but they are serious about other top-level mice.

This is a completely amazing arrangement, which includes for other items, G402 does not shout so loudly. To take advantage of Logitech G402, you must download Logitech’s game software. Here, you can change the elements of a large number of catches, calibrate the DPI settings, change the measurement speed, modify the lighting of the logo, and even test the speed of moving the mouse.

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Although the large numbers cited in gaming mouse specifications sound like quack remedies, the results are obvious. After executing G402 is Impeccable. Of course, can accept a large number of top laser gaming mouse in every case it can help you remember exactly how great these mice are. Compared with the excellent optical mouse or low-end gaming model, there are reasonable differences.

The G402 also removed the unimaginable and valuable “dpi Shift” button from the focus of the Logitech G502 that year, which can be set up to four unique dpi settings (250 to about 4,000 counts per inch), but replaced Double mode scroll wheel with simpler and smaller elastic parchment wheel. The scroll wheel does not lose the satisfactory grip of the fingers between each dent, and at the same time, in fact, it feels like the most vulnerable part of the mouse.

Elegantly speaking, the title of the G402 plan is getting more and more precise, which is full of praise. It blends sticky plastic (see: left and right click locks) and soft elastic cushions, and it feels very good to use. G402 makes every imaginable hand immediately feel at home. It is fixed with a light 108g and does not represent a link. The mouse has four full-size fixtures on the left half of the mouse, two in the thumb compass and two in the finger area (G7 and G8).

The Logitech G402 with 32 processors and on-board storage is the leader in the endless edge weapons competition, and remember that for most MMO players, macros are insufficient and Hyperion Fury contains everything you might need for The first batch of shooting enthusiasts released their power.

Logitech G402 has carefully evaluated such products Classy mouse. In this way, combined with its extraordinary ergonomic principles, if you perform life and death carefree, it will be an incredible purchase. Considering all the factors, there are many other usually excellent gaming mice, they do have more and more highlights appearing in cash, and the plan here does not seem to be a premium. However, you can almost go beyond this range, which is an incredible purchase.

Supported OS for Logitech G402 Drivers and Software

Logitech g402 drivers and software setup download that supports almost every latest OS. This software and drivers are fully compatible with the following OS versions.

  • Windows 10 (64 bit & 32 bit)
  • Windows 8.1 (64 bit & 32 bit)
  • Windows 7 (64 bit & 32 bit)
  • MacOS (10.11 and newer versions)

Download Logitech G402 Software & Drivers for Windows and Mac

This is a free of cost and certified clean download and installation setup for your machine. Download, install and take the maximum advantages from G402 with it.

Logitech G402 Software for Windows & Mac

Logitech G402 Software  (Windows)Software Version: 2019.11.29288Download
Logitech G402 Software (Windows)Versi Software: 9.02.65Download
Logitech G402 Software  (Mac)Software Version: 2019.11.29288Download

Additionally, also download Logitech G Hub and Logitech Gaming Software for the personalizations and customizations.

Let us know about your gaming experience with this Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse and also feel free to query if you face any issue during the installation of Logitech G402 software and drivers.