LIGHTSPEED Mouse Logitech G305 Software and Drivers Download. Download Software Setup for Windows and Mac to customize mouse settings.

Logitech G305 is an excellent remote gaming mouse. It has a straightforward and smooth plan, with matte white or matte dark colors, which can be used by individuals who use the right. This is a smaller aspect, and may not be suitable for those with large hands, but as part of

Logitech’s better quality mouse, its texture is also very high. It has low inactivity and a wide range of CPI adjustments, which should meet the needs of most gamers. Logitech G305 is a decent mouse for FPS games. For the remote mouse, it has a low snapshot sleep state, which should be satisfactory enough for a long game meeting.

All of its six catchers are programmable, and its sensors perform amazingly. It is completely good on Windows or macOS, and all its captures are programmable, which is useful if you want to explore the work area faster with a simple route.

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LIGHTSPEED Mouse Logitech G305 Software & Drivers Download

Logitech claims that it takes only 1 millisecond from the time you click the catch to the outsider artwork in your preferred space shooting game that is blown to pieces. We cannot measure it accurately, but our hands tell us that this is a smart gaming mouse for remote models. In addition, it is a real foundation.

Logitech G305 Light speed requires a lot of highlights from a high-quality remote gaming mouse. The high quality of the Logitech G305 software: It repositions the similar remote functions of the actuator mouse to the edge of medium evaluation. Gamers and non-gamers will also be recognized for their modest planning, excellent battery life and excellent real execution.

The 1.5 x 2.5 x 4.6-inch (HWD) shape begins to bend at the heel to fit your palm and is restricted when it reaches the two front mouse latches. Between the main grappling hooks is a worn parchment wheel, which will deliver a harsh criticism as you move.

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Behind the steering wheel is an influence button that allows you to change the following targets, with a maximum range of 12,000dpi. The G305 Light, which weighs 3.42 ounces, is comparable in weight to other mice in this group. Despite plugging AAA soluble batteries into the case as a source of capacity, the G305 is not overwhelmed

Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED Mouse Specs and Features

Since you can hide the dongle inside the mouse itself, the G305 can be remotely operated with any PC directly outside the box. You only need to insert the dongle to complete all the settings and combine four DPI sensitivity on the mouse.

Logitech G305 Software - Logitech G305 Driver - Logitech G305 Review, Specs and Features

With Logitech G305 Software, you can also adjust the DPI settings and the captured functions-there is nothing surprising there, but all functions are working properly. In cases where you need to use the G305 in a lounge setting, remote availability (within the range I can choose to test) works perfectly and is 10 feet away.

The organization estimates that if you continue to use the mouse for 8 hours, it will be charged for 250 hours of operation, which means more than a month. (Obviously, this is to accept that you use the mouse as a game to improve efficiency.) In fact, using a battery every month is not a terrible guess, and the lack of an implicit battery-powered battery can keep costs and weight down.

Even so, you may need to put resources in some battery-powered AA. The mouse uses an AA battery; it is heavier than a lithium battery that somehow manages to use battery power. In any case, Logitech recommends that you use personal AA lithium batteries, because these batteries will not only extend the effective battery life, but also reduce the weight of the portable mouse.

On the back of the mouse is the Logitech “G” logo, which usually means “gaming.” Gamers familiar with the increasingly colorful mice will see that there is no such bright light coming through the seal. Since the G305 light speed gives up all types of LED decoration, customization is limited to the pair of clips on the left.

These file boxes can be modified at will to suit the forward / backward activities in your program, but by downloading the Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) utility, you can release them to any mouse capacity, buttons or large multi-key functions, you can prepare.

Based on the G305 speed of light, you will find the equivalent optical sensor with the “Legend” mark used in Logitech’s increasingly expensive mouse. The target range is from 100dpi to 12,000dpi. Logitech claims at G305 Light speed that the AA battery has 250 hours of battery life.

In any case, this is only the case when the mouse is set to the default “performance” mode in LGS. The other model is called the endurance model, which is an approaching decision. Logitech said that once enabled, the battery life can be extended to the entire 9 months, but the response time increased from 1 millisecond to 8 milliseconds; in the final analysis, the extension of sleep is a compromise to shorten battery life.

Logitech G305 Driver & Software Compatible OS

Logitech G305 software setup download that supports almost every latest OS. This software and drivers are fully compatible with the following OS versions.

  • Windows 10 (64 bit & 32 bit)
  • Windows 8.1 (64 bit & 32 bit)
  • Windows 7 (64 bit & 32 bit)
  • MacOS (10.11 and newer versions)

Download Logitech G305 Software & Drivers for Windows and Mac

This is a free of cost and certified clean download and installation setup for your machine. Download, install and take the maximum advantages from G305 with it.

Logitech G305 Software & Drivers for Windows and MacOs

Logitech G Hub

Software Version: 2020.2.35921
OS: Windows 7 and Higher Versions (64 & 32-bit) & MacOS (10.11 and newer versions)
File Size: 35.6 MB


Logitech Gaming Software

Software Version: 9.02.65
OS: Windows 7 and Higher Versions (64 & 32-bit) & MacOS (10.11 and newer versions)
File Size: 120 MB


Logitech Firmware Update

Software Version: 1.2.169
OS: Windows 7 and Higher Versions (64 & 32-bit)
File Size: 15 MB


Share your gaming experience with this amazing high powered Logitech G305 Gaming Mouse and also feel free to comment below if you face any issue during the installation of Logitech G305 software and drivers.